The calm before the storm

Days are slow for me. I am not currently playing any MMORPG seriously and seeing as it is the weekend, the news trickle is on hold.

Like many, I’m just waiting (im)patiently for Warhammer Online to hit shelves, but some good news has come my way that *may* land me in the Guild Beta with my Guild. Obviously EA-Mythic only send out a small batch of Guild Beta keys to each guild, so certain members must be selected from within the guild, but I’m praying that I make the cut in my guild.

That said, Guild Beta is bound to start within the next week or so (my mole says the week after the 4th of July) and that in itself marks a giant leap forward for the game. Guild Beta means it is one more beta phase closer to release and the last phase before the coveted Open Beta.

It’s an exciting time for sure. I for one am very curious to see what goes down when the NDA is lifted. I’m *very* interested to see what the big boys of game journalism have to say about the game. Not to mention, finally get the nitty gritty of every game mechanic in Warhammer Online. I’m still dying to know how stats will work, itemization, consumables, auction house, and more examples of abilities and tactics.

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