Warhammer Online information overload


Click link. Read. Now.

Too much good information to pick out snippets to preview, just go read it and look at the pretty pictures!

Good read, good read.

Update: Ok, how did i not know about warhammerinfo.com sooner? The place is a motherload of information i was not filled in on. How is it not breaking NDA, i don’t know – go check it out though! Props to the people in charge there. You’ve earned a spot in the coveted MMOverdose links section!

Thanks to Silex of Warhammer Info dot com

2 thoughts on “Warhammer Online information overload

  1. The info in the article was gathered from a convention type event and a lot of the other information is old and possibly out of date. All of which does not violate the NDA.


  2. All very true.

    But it is also a ton of *new* information to most people, as It’s the first time I’ve seen such a well written “write-up” on one persons trip to a convention involving WAR. Most are “yeah played a marauder, game was awesome, but didn’t have enough time with it.”


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