MMORPG fans are a ravenous bunch

I’m pretty much ignoring all WAR forums for a week or so, until people get over the recent announcements regarding capitol cities and career cuts.

I almost feel confused, because i honestly can’t comprehend why people are so surprised and why they are making such a big deal out of this. As someone who has followed countless MMOs from conception to live, I was already tense with anticipation, just waiting to hear what wouldn’t be making it in time for live. This is a staple of MMO releases, chunks of content and ideas don’t make it in time for release. But they do make it in eventually!

Age of Conan released completely MISSING the entire PVP system of ranks and rewards, and 2 months later it is STILL without it (though it is on the slate for test server soon). To compare, this would be like Warhammer releasing without those 80 renown ranks and renown rewards. Then the fanboys would have a viable excuse to throw a hissy fit.

People need to calm down, take a breath, and remember the game is in beta and as an MMORPG, it will never truly be finished until the servers shut off for good (to paraphrase Mark Jacobs even).

3 thoughts on “MMORPG fans are a ravenous bunch

  1. Woah, I’m on the ground in that picture! That must be from the first Blizzcon.

    It was the the presentation on the honor system and some of us decided to rush the stage. As you can see, the CMs were waiting for us. To think that they wear that equipment to work every day!


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