Trials & Tribulations: Everquest 2 & Vanguard

Being the holiday break and on the wings of my recent MMORPG epiphany, I’ve been on a stint of catching up on MMOs I’ve skipped over via free trials, or retail purchases such as a complete Guild Wars package or Santa bringing me Mines of Moria (expect impressions for those in the future). My current, pre-Christmas week appetizers? Everquest 2, with Vanguard trial downloading as we speak.

I’ll be updating the blog with updates on my experiences in the respective games, rather good or bad, concluding with an overall take on my experiences and whether or not they left a lasting impression on me.

Update: As if 2 massive game trials weren’t enough, a recent fantastic podcast from one of the damn finest podcasters, Beau Turkey, reminded me about the Dungeons & Dragons Online trial – so I have that downloading as well. Will report back on all 3 of them – though it may be a while!

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