A gloomy week and why I picked up Red Alert 3


The layoffs over at EGM/1UP have really put me in a non-gaming mood as well as a general haze over my week. I haven’t touched LOTRO in at least a week, the queues in WoW have caused a crisis in what server my friend and I play on, and the massive disappointment of Death Knight and the boring, daunting, idea of leveling 1-60 again is causing me to lose interest altogether.

I’ve gone on a mission to download and archive every single season and episode of The 1up Show and that is proving to be taking up enough of my time to distract me from my gaming drought, and entire 33gb and counting worth of distraction. Thank you AT&T for not limiting bandwidth (yet). Reminiscing and watching past 1up Shows has sparked an interest in non-MMO gaming, which led me to pick up Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 today on sale for $29.99 at Best Buy, with my handy gift card I received for Christmas. The gift card, combined with my recent sparked interest in learning how to properly play and micro real time strategy games got me pretty excited about C&C RA3. I love the over-the-top FMVs the C&C series is none for, and the cast they got on board for RA3 is perfect for the game. Why hello there, Gemma Atkinson and Jenny McCarthy.

So I’ll be busting into that tonight after the BCS Championship game, but other than that, I don’t see myself playing an MMO until I kick this little lethargic bug I have going on about WoW and LOTRO.

On a side note, go listen to the ex-1up crew’s new RebelFM podcast. It’s fan-fucking-tastic to hear them all again. Now I just need a 1up Yours 2, with Shane, Garnett, and J. Davison all back together 😦

2 thoughts on “A gloomy week and why I picked up Red Alert 3

  1. What!? thinking of leveling something from the start! I could see how that would make you lose interest.

    ps. i miss shane and all of em!


  2. Yep. Actually, both Zack and I are 2boxing dudes on Arthas again, now that the 1.5k queue has gone away.

    I’m leveling a Mage/Priest and hes’ doing a Priest/Hunter. We plan to 2v2 arena at 80 as Priest/Mage (Zack and I, respectively). The prospect of actual competitive pvp (arena) with him is what keeps me interested. Talking over Skype while playing helps as well.


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