A shout-out to SOE and the SOE podcast

Sent this email to Brenlo @ the SOE Podcast/Community crew. Basically just confesses my fanboyish nostalgia for SOE, and why I will always respect them as one of the top MMO developers and publishers.

Salutations Podcast crew!

Disclaimer: This email will pretty much just be a SOE, Star Wars Galaxies, and Planetside lovefest. You’ve been warned!

I am a long time listener of the show and love it. It gets me through work, along with the smorgasbord of other gaming podcasts I listen to. So first of all I want to say thank you!

I also want to thank SOE in general for providing me with some of the greatest video gaming memories I have that I still doubt will ever be matched. What memories you ask? Star Wars Galaxies and Planetside. Although I don’t actively play these game still, they will always have a special place in my heart as some of the finest MMO offerings ever. Getting into the closed beta for both games was like a dream come true and I still remember reading the invite emails when I discovered them in my inbox, it was like Christmas morning. In Star Wars Galaxies I was on the Bloodfin server as Slobax and Zin, both masters of 20+ professions (the old days of SWG) and Slobax actually unlocked Jedi – in what was a monumental achievement for me. Holocron-grinding, mastering profession after profession, grinding missions out in Dantooine, all amazing memories. On Zin, I was a Master Doctor when buffs were all the craze  to buy before heading out for combat missions, so I would plop down in the Coronet starport and start my macro. You should have seen the lines! In Planetside, all I have to say is epic battles for Gunuku on Cyssor. In the beta, I ran one of the top ranking outfits (top 3 at one point).

Although I don’t have active subscriptions for these games still, for personal choice reasons, I still love and respect them to death and they have given me a bond to SOE, company loyalty if you want. So thank you SOE for providing quality games with continual updates and this spectacular podcast that provides insight into the community and development of SOE games. I am EAGERLY awaiting DC Universe Online and, believe it or not, despite probably not being the target demographic, Free Realms too! It just looks like pure fun. Beta key please! *nudge nudge* 😀

Have a good one and thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my MMO blog (linked below). I would feel honored to have SOE crew readers.

James Taylor
Station: Jumangi6

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