The honeymoon is ending…


…the reality of the level, item, and gold (gil) grind is setting in on my FFXI experience.

As I near 12 on my Thief in FFXI, I’m at the point where you are expected to start forming parties to level and camping a spot to grind out kills and experience. The time-consumption that FFXI requires of you every sitting is starting to shine through the cracks. My friend Zack is admitting his long-haul doubts with the game as well, after camping/grinding with a party for two hours tonight in game.  The new-car smell is fading.

Tonight I’ll be playing City of Heroes (trial) or World of Warcraft to cleanse the pallet and help myself not get too burnt out in one game. That’s the beauty of MMOs, always another you can play on any given night.

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