And the game I had the most fun with tonight was…

…Lineage 2?
Has the world flipped upside down? I logged into every MMO under-the-sun (that I have installed), including Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft, Vanguard, City of Heroes, and FFXI – but the game that hooks me in for a few hours is Lineage 2?

They’ve really streamlined the “newbie experience” and I was actually enjoying grinding, but also doing the pretty-well implemented quests that give you gigantic chunks of exp. now apparently. This game has the hardcore and oldschool/grind appeal that I found so refreshing in FFXI, but it feels more user-friendly in it’s design.

I’m only on a trial account of course, but I had fun tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow.

bogochubb (Ol’ Bogochubb!)

4 thoughts on “And the game I had the most fun with tonight was…

  1. Wow last time I played that, I couldn’t get very far before the trial came out. It did look cool, but did you see some people? I couldn’t find many players when I was on before.

    Let us know how the adventures pan out!



    • Yeah, believe it or not I saw like 4 distinct actual-human-players. The highest pop server is the main EURO server, but I ping pretty bad to it – so I chose the server that I’ve heard from word-of-mouth has the most people rerolling alts and such. I talked to one little dwarf I saw and she said she was an alt, had to ask her for help finding an NPC.

      I’ll post some more impressions the next time I get to play, hopefully today! I’m tempted to go out and snag the Lineage 2 Anniversary edition retail box – but I know I should just keep playing the trial and see ><


  2. There are usually two types of people who play Lineage 2: those who quit in less than a week of playing and those who stays until the end of time.


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