Update on Lineage 2


So it’s been like 2 weeks and still no impressions post about Lineage 2 yet! Well don’t worry, that’s a great sign…I’ve been too addicted and busy playing the damn game.

I’ve caught a minor re-roll bug, but I’m not reallycalling it that because I’m enjoying trying out a few classes before I invest and commit to getting one level 40+. I’m on my 5th character, and he’s got the staying power for me. In all I have a 29 Scavenger, 36 Palus Knight, 32 Warrior, 32 Wizard, and 28 Trooper. The Kamael Trooper is my favorite yet, and I’m really feeling like he’ll be the one to make it pass into C-grade (level 40+).

I don’t consider it re-rolling, because for me, re-rolling is usually a sign that I’m getting bored and/or exhausted by the grind that the higher levels get. This is not the case, however, because I haven’t lost one grain of interest in Lineage 2 yet. I’ve actually grown to love it even more now and I’ve made a nice little fortune leveling up all 5 characters.

So, a zomg impressions post is coming up, but I’ve postponed it to a 1-40 first impressions post, so I can sink my teeth in to a little more of the content before preaching.

4 thoughts on “Update on Lineage 2

  1. Nothing wrong with making alts, once you settle on a main character they are really nice to have spread across the levels as different things come up with your clan, from raid bosses, to fortress sieges, festival of dawn/dusk, rift parties and of course all the various Kamalokas.

    Make sure you read a guide and do the Paialaka quests as they become open to you, they are generally quick and will give you several levels worth of xp in 1 giant shot, as well as filling your vitality to full!

    Enjoy the game your own way and don’t fret about things you cannot change. GM’s are always there, even when you cannot see them.


  2. It’s official, i have alt-itis.

    I think I have filled every character slot. I now have a Scavy, Warrior, Artisan, Shilien Knight, Trooper, Raider, and Wizard. All ranging from lvl 20 to 36, or 42 in the case of my SK.

    I got my SK to 40, just because I was so close at 38 with full vitality. I really have no interest in playing a tank end-game though 😦

    I’m kind of banking on my Trooper or Raider to be my main eventually once I get tired of hanging out in D grade all my life :d


  3. Hey Nozzle, it’s ValerieRose form the official forums. And just so you stay calm about having alt-itis, it took me 3 years of playing to finally find out a class I enjoyed. And I literally played EVERYTHING (only 3 things in the whole array of classes I haven’t tested: Elf tank, Orc Destroyer and Treasure Hunter).

    But 3 years later and 23 alts later, I took my Necromancer to lvl 73 and am heading to sub levels and S grade!

    So the important is that you find something you enjoy. No matter now long it takes, cause there’s nothing worse than pushing yourself to play a char you no longer enjoy!


  4. Amen to that Val

    People always give me crap for rerolling alts and trying out different classes – but who are they to tell me how to play a game? I just do what I need to, to have fun 🙂


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