About time: Dwarf Slayer / Orc Choppa


I realize I’m not exactly on the cutting edge with this news, but I honestly wasn’t sold until I saw the NYC Comic-Con demonstration of the classes in action. I’ll definitely be reactivating my WAR subscription when Orc Choppas and Dwarf Slayers drop into the live game. They sound amazingly fun to play with their berserker combat mechanic and play style, not to mention the Dwarf Slayer’s top-notch art design. I’d have to give the nudge to the Slayer on the principle of style alone, because well, the Orc Choppa just looks like a Black Orc dual wielding.

Watch these videos from NY Comic-Con and be sold:

NYC Comic-Con 09: Call To Arms Walkthrough Part 1 (Dwarf Slayer)

NYC Comic-Con o9: Call To Arms Walkthrough Part 2 (Orc Choppa)

Both classes will be rolled out as part of the “Night of Murder” ongoing live event, specifically in the “Bitter Rivals” portion of the event. Be sure to check back here when those patches start to roll out, I’ll be sure to be checking them out and reporting back.

2 thoughts on “About time: Dwarf Slayer / Orc Choppa

  1. My 3 best friends IRL are playing WAR with what can only be described as “dogged fanboyism”. I was among their ranks for an entire month, actually I enjoyed the sheer amount of detail they put into the dialogue and story arcs. I also LOVED the public questing. Very, very cool.

    I had the pleasure of playing a healer and I must say, getting xp for each heal cast in an R v R scenario is simply genius. The graphics are what finally did the game in for me, that and the fact that in my 1 month of playing I had made it to level 37 (almost the level cap). Nope, Aden is the world for me. Till Server Death do us part.


  2. Yep, I feel ya. I love the gritty lore and art style. I love the constant PVP(rvr) focus. I love the class dynamics and play styles. It’s just the way it all doesn’t come together or something that kills it for me, for now. I’ll be back for sure, to check on it’s improvements soon (slayer..) but it I’ll stay skeptical.


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