New God of War 3 Trailer

If this game, along with an inevitable lower price point, can’t sell PS3s I don’t know think anything ever will. Along with things like Killzone 2, NCsoft allying with Sony, and all the SOE goings heading to the PS3, I will undoubtedly be trading my 360 in for Sony’s black box eventually. Until that day, my media streamer Xbox 360 will have to collect dust suffice.

2 thoughts on “New God of War 3 Trailer

  1. It’s things like this that make me glad I waited for the ps3 instead of jumping the bandwagon first thing and grabbing a 360 years ago. Mind you, I will still eventually get a 360, probably sooner than later as the list of exclusive titles I am missing out on grows by the quarter.


  2. I think the 360 is showing it’s age, personally, and the PS3 is just looking up. It still has it’s ugly stigma that it has accumulated over the past 2-3 years from bad ports and excessive price, but the type of content it will start pushing out in 1-3 years is like nothing else (NCsoft and SOE mmos, PSN titles, etc).


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