Next gen Korean-MMORPGs ftw (part deux)

What is with this, I’ve discovered another next-gen Korean MMORPG tonight that completely blows my mind. Blade & Soul.

I really have no clue about the details other than its another NCsoft Korean MMORPG and that it looks just as amazing as Tera. I’ll let the trailer speak louder to you than I ever could.

(click through it to youtube, and watch the HD version I beg you)

2 thoughts on “Next gen Korean-MMORPGs ftw (part deux)

  1. ::drool:: Is it just me or do some of the sound fx from this vid sound like they are pulled straight out of Lineage 2?

    Still, absolutely love the knockdown effect when that huge guy is beating that lil lady. I have a feeling this will be the reason for me to upgrade my pc :p


  2. Yeah I noticed that too, but I’ll take it!

    I’m still completely oblivious to the style of combat that is in the game. It almost looks like more strategic, FFXI style combat. It’s still breathtakingly gorgeous though.


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