Nos Energy Drink

This one will be short because I was not impressed at all, and I’m the type of writer who hates snark and only enjoys writing about positive things.

Had to pop the can open a bit earlier tonight around midnight, because work wore me out. I knew from the first sip that Nos was just not my thing, as it instantly reminded me of the SoBe energy drink, with it’s pineapple juice bitter flavor. I drank the rest of the can pretty quickly, skipping the whole savoring phase I usually linger in when drinking a Red Bull or Monster.

As of writing this, It’s been about 1 hour since finishing the Nos, and I don’t feel any more energized than before I drank it.

Verdict: F D+

The taste annoys me, I didn’t feel the energy, and the name makes me think of those annoying people who put Shamu tail spoilers and non-painted box kits on their 4-cylinder 95′ Civic. Fail.

Update 5:09 am: I retract my F grade and boost it to a D+. The taurine and caffeine snuck up on me about an hour after I wrote this. It’s almost made me too jittery. However, it’s still got a horrible name and I’ll never like the taste.

3 thoughts on “Nos Energy Drink

  1. Ugh. They had those at Mahalo HQ for the Joystiq party after E3. I have to agree with you; those are some of the nastiest things on the planet. I wasn’t able to finish the one I’d tried at the time, and I’m not inclined to see if my first impression was wrong.


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