MMOs and whining

What is it about MMOs that attract such hostility and whining? It’s like the players have some bitter resentment about paying $15/mo. that leads them to bitch about every single thing. World of Warcraft is filled with constant QQ about class balance and itemization, Warhammer players have whined about the end-game oRVR since the beginning, despite improvements made by Mythic, Lineage 2 players still complain about bots and farmers, and I could go on for every game under the sun. I know the Internet is all about faceless arguing and trolling without any real-world consequences, but it gets old pretty fast.

It just makes me sick to see so much effort and attention focused on the negative. Gamers need to cheer up and bloggers need to stop being so snarky.

One thought on “MMOs and whining

  1. This is so true. You would expect that some games have a younger audience, which leads to immaturity. One would think wows mean age would be a bit older due to monthly fees, yet the immaturity and complaints keep rolling along. Its funny to see people who obviously enjoy the game at tier 7 level 80 complaining about the game that they have spent 100 days /played on.


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