What I’m Playing

Having a strange night of games tonight. Started out with leveling a(nother) character in Lineage 2. This time, a Light Elf Scout, in which I can’t decide what role I want to harness at 40 because of how testing leveling with a bow can be both on your mana and your adena (currency in Lineage). After I got my L2 character to about 22, I gave Requiem: Bloodymare a try. Totally not my thing, and itt’s obnoxiously excessive with the gratuitous blood. I still don’t see how or why it is marketed as a “HORROR MMORPG.” Adding unnecessary blood and silly decapitations of reindeers (I kid you not) does not make your game a horror game. Uninstalled.

After that train wreck I went back to some Lineage 2, got level 24 on my Scout and now I’m in the middle of patching Atlantica Online to give that a first shot after hearing such praise. I’m not expecting much, becuase I honestly haven’t found a free2play game that is worth money, hence perpetuating my stance of “you get what you pay for” when it comes to MMOs. No monthly fee? Don’t expect much. We’ll see how Atlantica Online goes.

Besides that, I’ve been jamming out to some Final Fantasy soundtracks on shuffle in my playlist, in lieu of watching all the Final Fantasy Retrospectives.

Update: Atlantica Online: not half bad! I was imagining it to be a Guild Wars type game where you *always* have henchmen instead of them being optional, but it’s actually way more than that. In the hour or so I played it, I would simply sum it up as a a JRPG meets Guild Wars meets strategy RPG. I could totally see the appeal to it, but I’m not sure it’s the kind of thing I would want to go play every night. I’m keeping it installed though, was surprised by it to say the least.

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