Installing: Age of Conan

Don’t jump to any conclusions, I just got a hold of a buddy key and figured I’d give it a shot.

I haven’t played it since I’ve downgraded my video card (GTX 280 -> 9800gt), so I’m not quite sure what to expect. If it’s running choppy, you can bet your ass I’ll be pretty much done with it tonight.I’m curious, but as someone who is pretty dang anal-retentive about game performance, I’m not in the position to deal with how it’s running, when I’m not even sold on the game yet, haven’t been since beta.
Expect updates, as per usual with my Trials & Tribulations expeditions.

4 thoughts on “Installing: Age of Conan

  1. Heh… good luck with it. But I guess there’s a reason why Funcom is merging servers left and right and closing some of them too (I work for an Italian gaming blog, doing translations of their articles in three different languages). I think the naked women didn’t pull it off (and how sexist. Why add the possibility of stripping the girls and not the boys? We gaming girls want eyecandy too!!!!)


  2. haha! Yeah, they really need to add in a “male-frontal-nudity” patch to even things out.

    If it makes it any better, they have you (as a male) running around in your tighty-whities for the first 5 levels 😛

    I’m about lvl 11. It’s pretty fun, but I’m still just in the “trial,” giving-it-a-try mode.


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