Praise Mitra! Huge Age of Conan patch 02/18

Pretty good timing for me to give Age of Conan a shot, as a pretty massive content patch has dropped today, coming in at 1.24GB for me. It mainly has level 40+ content, but it’s still exciting nonetheless. Bug fixes are always fun as well.


  • Cradle of Decay is a level 43 group instance which can be accessed through the Field of the Dead.
  • The Slaughterhouse Cellar is a level 80 single player instance located in Thunder River just south of the palisades area.
  • Xibaluku is a level 80 group instance located in Thunder River on the prison island. There is a quest pre-requisite to enter this area. You can begin this quest by speaking to General Lupercus in Thunder River. (This quest will send you into the The Slaughterhouse Cellar to obtain items).
  • Black Ring Citadel, Wing 3 is a level 80 raid instance that can now be accessed from Kheshatta between the entrances to Wing 1 and Wing 2.

Hit the jump for the full patch notes

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