Selling Darkfall: Why is Aventurine doing such a poor job?

When trying to explain the allure of Darkfall to friends or people on the internet, I’ve found it pretty daunting task. It’s a bad sign when user-created YouTube trailers do a better job of selling a game than the official website or developer does. From the lackluster website to the lack of information flow into the United States, it’s easy to see why Darkfall is getting overlooked by many who haven’t already been following it for years.Wading through YouTube clips of the game and user-created trailers throughout the last week has sparked more life into the game for me than Aventurine has in the last 4 years.

Update: Adding this excellent walkthrough of the GUI (watch it in HD)

Excellent user-created explanation and trailer for Darkfall Online

4 thoughts on “Selling Darkfall: Why is Aventurine doing such a poor job?

  1. I remember Tasos saying they were trying to “avoid the hype”. Which doesn’t make any business sense, really.

    On the other hand they were always praising Darkfall in various interviews so you can’t say they didn’t try to sell it either.


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