Tasos speaks: Launch Day Details


A quick update:

We’ve opened up account management for those who want to cancel their pre-order. You can cancel your pre-order by going to preorders and clicking the cancelation button.

You can find account management here:

There has been an issue with some people who have received an email message that their pre-order was successful but they show a zero charge and a 0 balance. This happened because of the time-outs or because of multiple ordering attempt. We will treat most of these cases as successful pre-orders and provided the credit card transaction for the purchase is successful, they will be able to purchase the game. If you belong to this group and you want to cancel your pre-order, all you need to do is remove your credit card information from the account management page and you will not be charged. There’s a link that allows you to do this where your credit card information is stored.

For those of you not able to create an account, we’ll leave the account management on so that you may do so.

We’ll open up sales tomorrow Feb. 25 evening European time. We’re doing our best to make this a smoother experience but again the large volume we’ve been experiencing has been difficult to catch up with. We’d like to thank you for your patience so far.

The game servers will also open up sometime in the evening. We’ll keep you updated throughout the day tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


I’m pumped as hell, but bracing for the worst. If launch days are rough for powerhouses like Blizzard, you can bet they will be brutal to indie developers like Aventurine with far less resources and support, but still a hefty demand. I’ll be surprised if I’ll even get to sign on before 10 P.M. tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Tasos speaks: Launch Day Details

  1. can’t wait to hear what you think about it nozzle… maybe i’ll give it a shot if you like it. after i sell my WoW account.


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