Darkfall: servers are up, game is not

I sure wish I could start diving into the game, but as it is now, it is completely unplayable. There is a major problem going on where no one (npcs + palyers) is synced up correctly. You start getting hit with arrows, but all you see is goblins running in place 20 feet away and a other players running in place whiffing their swords at the air. You try to go up to a goblin and give him a good swing, but of course it doesn’t land because he isn’t actually there.

Besides the aforementioned unplayable problem of the server sync, my only grip I’ve noticed so far is the performance. For a game that looks this mediocre-to-decent in the graphics department, it sure doesn’t run as smooth as one would hope. Keep in mind this is on default (pretty much max) settings for me with full shadows and 1920×1200 resolution. Sure I can disable shadows and it gives me a steady 50-90 fps, depending on how particle and lighting effects, but it still bothers me.

I’m obviously withholding judgement until the game is actually working though. A patch is incoming tonight, supposedly that will address the out-of-sync issues.

Update 5.49pm GMT

After addressing a couple of early issues the servers have been running very stable for several hours and we have a large number of players in-game right now.

It’s normal to expect more issues to surface in the next couple of days. We postponed our scheduled maintenance of 10am GMT for later until we can gather some more data and address anything that comes up in a patch later tonight.

We’re aware that some areas are experiencing sync issues for some players. This is a high priority issue that we are working to address as soon as possible. We know the cause for it so it shouldn’t take very long. We will keep the servers up while this is being fixed and we will bring them down for a patch later tonight. For now, players can move away from starting areas to improve their experience.

We have processed the problematic accounts that were never charged but received a successful pre-order notification. Only a small percentage of these were successful and we found out that this is because most of them contain incomplete or incorrect account information. We will try this one last time again tomorrow morning European time, and we’ll open up account management later tonight for these accounts to be able to correct their account data and credit information before we reprocess them. If anyone does not want the pre-order to be processed, they should remove their credit card information from their account. After this is concluded we should be able to open up sales for more Darkfall copies.

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you updated with anything new that comes up.

The Darkfall Team

I’m going to load up some free Shadowbane for shits and giggles while waiting for the Darkfall fixes, and maybe, just maybe, reactivate Warhammer Online to check in on it.

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