“MMO failure”

Random internet people claiming any MMO to be a “failure” as if they have some universal godly judgmental knowledge on how the industry works and is run has to be one of the biggest pet peeves of mine. As a blogger who covers both the business and player side of things within the video game and MMO industry, I can’t help but be exposed to this kind of ignorance everywhere I look.

An example of this is people who use phrases like “..fails like WAR” or “…fails like AoC.”. Designating games that they deem “failures” because they were either bitter about their time playing it and/or just latch onto the idea from word-of-mouth of other angsty forum-goers who like to bash every game they don’t fancy.

There are tons of factors that would determine an MMO to be a failure and quite frankly, it’s a subjective thing to try and dissect because my idea of a “failure” would probably differ greatly from the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) or CEO of a game’s publisher. In layman’s I just like to use the “if it is still up and running and people are playing it is not a failure” motto. Just because you do not enjoy a game, feel like your $50 was wasted or they stole $15/mo from you for x months, does not mean that there aren’t players around the world still living in that virtual world and having a blast doing so.

Play what you like, escape into a game that you enjoy, and just leave the other virtual worlds at peace if they aren’t to your liking. You don’t have cause a ruckus in the community of every game you don’t like or consider a “failure” just becuase you didn’t personally enjoy it. You’re doing a disservice to the entire industry every time you do.

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