Two days after “launch” and still no sign of Darkfall Online

7.00PM GMT

We didn’t manage to completely eliminate the sync issue affecting players in the game earlier today. Our real-time monitor alerted us of this as soon as we brought up the server and players started entering the game. We need to take more time to address this. There is no ETA as of yet. We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

We’ve solved the problem some players in human areas were experiencing not being able to log back in after a crash. We’re looking into an issue some players are reporting about getting an “account not active” message. Finally we have a handle on the issue that caused us to bring down the server the last time, and we’re in the process of fixing it.

3.00 PM GMT

I suggest they start talking about adding more days to our “free month” as those first 3 days they banked us, are about out and I still haven’t been able to play a working game. For the ~24 hours the servers were up, it was a complete broken and out of sync mess with clans exploiting like wildfire. Apparently if you managed find NPCs in water, they are frozen and can’t move so are a free kill and free loot.

Common sense says wipe the servers and launch fresh again. You could hardly call anything yet a launch anyways. This is probably the worst MMO launch I’ve been a part of (I was there for Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and WoW and this still takes the cake) but I’m still anxious to actually *try* the game. I won’t lie though, this rocky start in conjunction with the poor communication, rampant exploiters, and complete ignorance or lack of acknowledging said exploiters, has put a sour taste in my mouth that I’m not sure can even be washed out at this point.

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