Darkfall availability and Aventurine’s stance on macroing/bots


We’ll open up sales of a limited number of Darkfall copies tonight European time Tuesday March 3d. We will try to repeat this every weekday until the extreme demand slows down and we’re able to leave the shop open 24/7. To answer the questions of how you can sell out a digital download, we’re throttling the number of new players in the world to limit queue times and protect the user experience. Server optimizations first and adding new servers in time are the steps we are taking to improve this experience.

From our launch experience, the extreme demand caused the account management infrastructure to lag and often time out. The hammering of the system by the users made things worse. Repeated attempts by users led to charge failures because of bank security rules. Incorrect billing information also led to failed transactions.

We expect the account management system to face extreme demand today as well. In order to try to avoid the issues we describe above, users who refresh before timing out, open multiple windows or tabs, and hammer the system will be temporarily blocked. Please do not refresh unless you have timed out or you will lose your place in the queue.

We’ll post when sales open. If the copies we have available for today sell out, we will repeat this process again tomorrow.

Thank you,

The Darkfall Team


Looks like limited sales will open up this afternoon and probably be a F5’ing mess again. At least they’re punishing those who multi-tab and F5 spam by moving them to the back of the queue and temporarily blocking them. I’ll be watching the site to hit up the account management today and try to snag myself one so I can check on the fixes they supposedly have made since the disastrous launch week.

Anyone macroing within the tower protected areas will be warned once, and then kicked. Repeated violations could result in a ban. Spamming spells or any other disruptive macroing activity within the tower protected areas will be kicked without warning. Repeated violations could result in a ban.

Unattended macroing could get you kicked anywhere in the world depending on the situation. You engage in it at your own risk.

Any use of third party programs which modify or alter the game including cheats, hacks, mods, bots will instantly result in a permanent ban. There will be no appeal. No excuses such as “I was just testing” will be accepted. We will detect and enforce aggressively.

Thank you,

The Darkfall Team


I sure hope they are as stern about it as they are trying to sound. In Brannoc‘s first response on the boards, he sounded very hands-off about macroing, which had me worried. Oh well, free kill if I see some tool out macroing in the wild. I’ll take the law into my own hands and chop him down rather than waiting for the GMs to give him a slap on the wrist.

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