Woe in WoW

Just barely three days after resubbin‘ I find myself bored to tears and forcing myself to log on in hopes I’ll get some spark of motivation to play. Instead I stare at the character select screen for a few seconds, click around looking at my various non-lvl 80 toons I have to choose from, log-in on one and jump around the Stormwind fountain, and then quit out after a few minutes.

It’s a bummer because I’ve still yet to experience Northrend, the content for which I bought the Collector’s Edition Wrath of the Lich King for. Besides making a few Death Knight’s and taking them through the quick, but excellent, DK quest tree, I really have not gotten my money’s worth from WOTLK. I know there is some amazing content I’m missing by not being in Northrend yet, but I just can’t find the drive to chug through the content that is 2-4 years old to me to get to it.

I think I just have WoW-exhaustion. At this point, I think the only thing they can do to spark my interest enough to grind through the 1-70 content is to either add a brand new (regular or hero) class, totally speed up (or remove!) the 1-60 grind, or finally make it so I get experience from pvp honorable kills (ala Warhammer Online style) so I can have a reason to deal with the low-level twinkfest Battlegrounds. Don’t get me wrong, the 1-60 content is amazingly polished and it’s what put WoW in the spotlight, but after doing it for 4 years, it starts to wear you, to say the least.

Besides trying to force myself to play some WoW, I really haven’t played anything for a few days. I’ve handed my Darkfall account to a buddy who was less fortunate in the pre-order fiasco, and more willing to trod through the mess that is the DF launch than I am. I’ll check back in on that game when they get the growing pains out of the way and re-release account sales. Most of all, I’m putting my pre-order down tomorrow and eagerly awaiting March 10th for EVE Online: Apocrypha. If money weren’t so tight, I would be playing a hell of a lot more right now. I’ve been itching to jump into Everquest 2 again and Dawn of War II is oh-so appealing.

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