What are you playing this weekend?


After work tonight, I’m going to hunker down and try to knock out the last three Tome Unlock quests for the Bitter Rival’s event in WAR. I’m 7/10 right now, needing 8/10 to unlock Slayer/Choppa next week and 10/10 for the “Seriously Bitter” title. I don’t care for the title much, but I might as well get two more after unlocking the Slayer/Choppa at 8/10.

I installed the Vanguard Isle of Dawn Trial to check up on it, so I may hop on that and try a few classes. I really love how they start you off with a special armor set now, but at the same time, there is something fun about starting in rags and getting your first full set as you level up in an RPG that I’ve always found exciting.

I’m done with Darkfall. A friend and I have basically been sharing my preorder, and I just personally think the entire operation is a train wreck. Trying not to go on an uber nerd rage of disappointment from 5+ years of waiting, I’ll just say the game is not worth $50, is clunky in pretty much every facet of game design and execution, is the most sloppily handled MMO launch I’ve ever been a part of, and harbors a horrible player community (like most FFA pvp games). Some people seem to be having a blast in it, but I seriously can’t see why. I guess I just have higher MMORPG standards, now that the bar has been raised by over the years. The genre has evolved but Darkfall is living in the first generation of MMOs still with its buddies UO and AC.

Speaking of games I’m done with. I think I’m just over World of Warcraft. I want to get sucked back in, but I just can’t.

Other than that, maybe some Unreal Tournament 3 since it’s free on Steam this weekend. I’m mainly just counting down the days till March 10th and EVE Online: Apocrypha dropping so I can go pick up a copy in a store!

What are you playing?

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