I’m Such A Consumer

Finally picked up an 8-pack of both WoW-themed Mountain Dew beverages. I usually only drink diet soda, but I had to make an exception for this. They both taste great, but only if you’re already one to enjoy the other Mountain Dew flavors. It takes like pure artificial flavoring and cancer, but you should expect that if you’re drinking Mountain Dew.

Speaking of Warcraft, I’ve been playing a hell of a lot of it the last few days. I literally made my new Druid last night, and got him to 38 in the same day. Thank you, Refer-A-Friend 300% experience bonus and free granted-levels. No telling if this is just a swing or not, but I’m still totally itching to try Everquest 2 after all the Fan Fair 2009 hype has got me interested.

And, if you didn’t notice, welcome back to the old iWinButton.com! Host change is complete. You can always view the updates made on the old host here.

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