Altoholics Anonymous and WoW Relapse

This picture pretty much sums up both how I feel about World of Warcraft now (after about five years of playing on and off) and also how I spend my time playing it. It’s actually less “playing,” and more just trying to get back into it. I still feel like the “good old days” of WoW for me were when I was raiding stuff like Molten Core and Zul’Gurub on my Druid in “vanilla” WoW. In The Burning Crusade era, I eventually had a 70 Shaman who I did some minor raiding with (Karazhan), but I was bored of him after only a month or so of end-game. Since then, I just haven’t had that fire for WoW as I once did before. I’ll reactivate every couple months, but never get a character into end-game and never really feel that spark I once felt. The result is the character select screen pictured above, and that’s only one server. I have a handful of other mid-level alts on other servers as well.

Is it that I’ve overplayed the “old world” content too much? Is it just WoW burnout that’s inevitable after 5 years? I’m not really sure. My latest endeavor has been my Night Elf Druid that I took from level 1-43 in a matter of two days, but he’s really just been a last-ditch effort and a somewhat entertaining time-sink for me.

The MMO-fiend inside me loves following the WoW news and keeping up-to-date on all the happenings in the community and end-game, but it seems like I enjoy these accessory things more than the actual game at this point. So, WoW, I fear I will not be reactivating you when my subscription runs out later this month. It’s been fun, and I’m sure you’ll lure me back in a few months time, but for now it’s au revoir.

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