My Playlist [9/3/11 – 9/10/11]

In the above graph, I notice an extreme lack of Gatling Gears, the one game I had set as my go-to game to complete this week. What happened? Deus Ex: Human Revolution and The Witcher 2 happened. I finally got around to jumping on the DE:HR launch-hype-train and an equally qualified (albeit, a little late to the party) addition of The Witcher 2 to my Steam library. I’m enjoying both games so much, I’m not even sure which one I should buckle down with and really sink my teeth into first. Deus Ex has the lead so far.

I also jumped into a few League of Legends matches. I’m not sure how, or why, but I continue to play LoL despite ending every play session with a sour taste in my mouth due to its imbalances and poor community (par for the course, for DOTA games). I think I’ve decided to just play HoN when I get the itch for some DOTA-clone action. DOTA 2 beta can’t come soon enough.

Rounding out my playlist is Faerie Solitaire. A guilty pleasure, if you will.


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