Lineage Eternal (Lineage 3) is a thing, and I want to play it

Almost immediately after the announcement that Lineage 2 would be going from a monthly subscription model to free-to-play, NCsoft announces Lineage Eternal at a pre-G-Star press conference. Going back to the franchise’s roots, Lineage Eternal brings the camera back to a 3D isometric perspective (yes, Lineage started as an isometric MMORPG — before you call “Diablo 3 clone” foul) with an emphasis on more action oriented combat, as well as a rather ingenious addition of “skill-shot” abilities, pretty much straight from your favorite MOBA/DOTA genre game. These abilities are activated and unleashed via a real-time swipe or circular motion of your mouse cursor, making a 1:1 correlation to where and what your attack will do. I love how NCsoft has taken a nod from both touchscreen gaming and MOBA games, and without making it a forced gimmick, implemented it into another type of game, or another platform, in the case of “swipe gaming.” It’s always irked me how people bow to the gods of Apple for touch/swipe gaming, when the mouse has been doing this for years, despite most developers not capitalizing on it in a relevant way.

I highly advise you to take 14 minutes and watch the gameplay preview video of Lineage Eternal embedded above. I really just want to get my hands on this game and see how this beast controls, but based on the video alone, my long-standing (but hibernating) love with the Lineage franchise is definitely piqued, again.

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