New post(s)?

A friendly comment on a random news post I made in 2010 may have just inspired me to ressurrect this blog from the dead. It has already spurred me to try and be more active in WoW (and get a class I actually enjoy to level 90), install DC Universe Online, and has me looking into Lord of the Rings Online’s latest incoming patch that’s dropping May 15th.

I may not be ready to commit to my old ways of only playing MMOs, but I’m curious to see if I can get back on the MMO-train while still avoiding the burnout that comes when you don’t just commit yourself to the idea of playing a singular MMO for the immediate future. I’m really wanting to get back into WoW, but I’m not going to rule out dabbling in other MMOs along the way.

So in the meantime, here’s a pretty cool Shadow Priest PVP video that I stumbled upon that helped convince me to transfer my level 49 Gnome Priest to my current server and attempt to make him my new main.

I’m Such A Consumer

Finally picked up an 8-pack of both WoW-themed Mountain Dew beverages. I usually only drink diet soda, but I had to make an exception for this. They both taste great, but only if you’re already one to enjoy the other Mountain Dew flavors. It takes like pure artificial flavoring and cancer, but you should expect that if you’re drinking Mountain Dew.

Speaking of Warcraft, I’ve been playing a hell of a lot of it the last few days. I literally made my new Druid last night, and got him to 38 in the same day. Thank you, Refer-A-Friend 300% experience bonus and free granted-levels. No telling if this is just a swing or not, but I’m still totally itching to try Everquest 2 after all the Fan Fair 2009 hype has got me interested.

And, if you didn’t notice, welcome back to the old! Host change is complete. You can always view the updates made on the old host here.

Woe in WoW

Just barely three days after resubbin‘ I find myself bored to tears and forcing myself to log on in hopes I’ll get some spark of motivation to play. Instead I stare at the character select screen for a few seconds, click around looking at my various non-lvl 80 toons I have to choose from, log-in on one and jump around the Stormwind fountain, and then quit out after a few minutes.

It’s a bummer because I’ve still yet to experience Northrend, the content for which I bought the Collector’s Edition Wrath of the Lich King for. Besides making a few Death Knight’s and taking them through the quick, but excellent, DK quest tree, I really have not gotten my money’s worth from WOTLK. I know there is some amazing content I’m missing by not being in Northrend yet, but I just can’t find the drive to chug through the content that is 2-4 years old to me to get to it.

I think I just have WoW-exhaustion. At this point, I think the only thing they can do to spark my interest enough to grind through the 1-70 content is to either add a brand new (regular or hero) class, totally speed up (or remove!) the 1-60 grind, or finally make it so I get experience from pvp honorable kills (ala Warhammer Online style) so I can have a reason to deal with the low-level twinkfest Battlegrounds. Don’t get me wrong, the 1-60 content is amazingly polished and it’s what put WoW in the spotlight, but after doing it for 4 years, it starts to wear you, to say the least.

Besides trying to force myself to play some WoW, I really haven’t played anything for a few days. I’ve handed my Darkfall account to a buddy who was less fortunate in the pre-order fiasco, and more willing to trod through the mess that is the DF launch than I am. I’ll check back in on that game when they get the growing pains out of the way and re-release account sales. Most of all, I’m putting my pre-order down tomorrow and eagerly awaiting March 10th for EVE Online: Apocrypha. If money weren’t so tight, I would be playing a hell of a lot more right now. I’ve been itching to jump into Everquest 2 again and Dawn of War II is oh-so appealing.