So, some game or something comes out tomorrow? Diablo III?

Diablo III hype has snuck up on me. I was only marginally excited about Diablo III after my beta runs of the game, but the more I realize how limited of a vertical slice (not only in content, but mechanics as well) the closed beta was, the more I get super excited about how deep the final product is going to be. So, on this day of my birth, May 14, I say good-bye to all my other installed games. I’ll try and send a postcard from Hell!

It’s official: Diablo 3

So it’s 2008. Do they seriously expect us to buy a 1999-era hack’n’slah RPG with no real upgrades besides visuals?

When i think of RPG games in this day and age, i think of those lovely MMO letters attached to the front. It just seems so ’99 to release a isometric hack’n’slash rpg with simple features for their online play. This “new and improved” better be the equivelent of a Guild Wars type online, otherwise i see the game getting boring really quick.

Oh who am I kidding, I’ll buy it and play the crap out of it. I guess the one good thing i can say about it is I’m at least more excited about it than Starcraft 2. You can take me “wtf is this 1999” argument and multiply it to understand how i feel about Starcraft 2.

Well now that the Blizzard WWI fiasco has passed, and my inner teenager of Diablo II days can subside, it’s back to Warhammer Online news! Waaargh!

Update: Now that I’ve let it sink in and I got over the fact it’s not Blizzard’s next-gen MMO (according to their job listings) I’ve come to accept that Diablo III looks pretty damn spiffy. Now let’s just see if i feel the same 2 years down the road when it is actually released!

Blizzard: Tease Extrodinaires

Is anyone else getting tired of the current Blizzard splash screen teaser leading up to WWI?

They have the Diablo fans going crazy. One day it looks like it is going to be a new Diablo game announcement for SURE. Then, wait a minute, are those Arthas’ eyes?

I for one PRAY it’s a Diablo announcement, preferabbly in some sort of MMORPG form. A WoW type MMORPG but in a much cooler, darker, and sinister setting and lore? Yes, please! I don’t care if it would still be 2+ years off, my mouth waters at the idea of a Diablo MMORPG.

What do you all think the secret announcement at WWI will be this weekend?