Darkfall Launch: Wait, what launch?


Just kidding. I’m not going to be that guy. I’ll never let myself turn into a Snarky McSnarksauce blogger.

However, it has been a torrenteous launch day for Darkfall. Really, there was no launch, as it’s been the 26th for hours in Europe, where Darkfall was supposed to be having it’s native launch. Even here on the east coast, it’s just minutes from the 26th. Despite the delay, I’m still just as excited to play as I was yesterday. Aventurine was eerily quiet throughout the day however, not updating anyone on the real status till about 11 P.M. GMT – just minutes before going the entire launch day without addressing the community. It’s safe to say Aventurine could have handled the communication way better than they did, but I’m sure they have their reasons. I can’t imagine the amount of stress they must have been under (and still under).

Some good news to come out of all of this?


Dear James Mr Taylor,

Thank you very much for your order.

You just purchased:
Darkfall Client Download for: ?42.00

Total: ?42.00

Guess they didn’t botch my preorder after all, despite the initial charge never showing up.

Nos Energy Drink

This one will be short because I was not impressed at all, and I’m the type of writer who hates snark and only enjoys writing about positive things.

Had to pop the can open a bit earlier tonight around midnight, because work wore me out. I knew from the first sip that Nos was just not my thing, as it instantly reminded me of the SoBe energy drink, with it’s pineapple juice bitter flavor. I drank the rest of the can pretty quickly, skipping the whole savoring phase I usually linger in when drinking a Red Bull or Monster.

As of writing this, It’s been about 1 hour since finishing the Nos, and I don’t feel any more energized than before I drank it.

Verdict: F D+

The taste annoys me, I didn’t feel the energy, and the name makes me think of those annoying people who put Shamu tail spoilers and non-painted box kits on their 4-cylinder 95′ Civic. Fail.

Update 5:09 am: I retract my F grade and boost it to a D+. The taurine and caffeine snuck up on me about an hour after I wrote this. It’s almost made me too jittery. However, it’s still got a horrible name and I’ll never like the taste.