Letting out some Lineage 2 steam

I’m not sure if it’s the reroll-train that I’ve been riding on or just burnout from the level grinding, but I’ve felt pretty lethargic about playing Lineage 2 lately. My main gripe with the game so far would have to be the class dynamics and the combat skills. I feel like every class has but a small handful of active abilities and skills in their disposal that are rarely needed while leveling up, leaving you to just auto-attack with soulshots on auto as well. It’s no wonder bots do so well in the game, the grinding/combat is completely automated just by nature of the mechanics.

I partially blame my rerolling on the fact that I’m having trouble finding a class that really hooks me and is interesting to level. Of course I realize that the bulk of the game doesn’t come to life till A-Grade and on, but I’m not going to accept that overused excuse. This is a tangent in itself, but way too often do I hear “it takes a few hours to get to the fun stuff,” or in the case of MMORPGs, “a few weeks.” Since when is this acceptable. I’m not directing this entirely just at Lineage 2, as I’ve obviously had plenty of fun so far, but I do question this staple of “time investment:fun” in MMOs and MMORPGs.

I get urges to reactivate some old accounts and check in on some other online universes. Age of Conan, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, and Guild Wars all spark some interest. What’s everyone else playing these days?