MMOs and whining

What is it about MMOs that attract such hostility and whining? It’s like the players have some bitter resentment about paying $15/mo. that leads them to bitch about every single thing. World of Warcraft is filled with constant QQ about class balance and itemization, Warhammer players have whined about the end-game oRVR since the beginning, despite improvements made by Mythic, Lineage 2 players still complain about bots and farmers, and I could go on for every game under the sun. I know the Internet is all about faceless arguing and trolling without any real-world consequences, but it gets old pretty fast.

It just makes me sick to see so much effort and attention focused on the negative. Gamers need to cheer up and bloggers need to stop being so snarky.

cliche introduction title for first posting

It took me multiple Backspace spammings to get this first line out, but, HEY, here it is. I don’t know what to say really. Making your first post on a blog is like sparking a conversation on a blind date with an attractive girl. You know you like what you see, you know what you want, but you just can’t spit out the right words at the right time.

I guess i should start with why I made a blog and why i feel the need to post it on the world-wide-web for anyone to read, as if they should care. Well you should care, because it’s fun to read other’s opinions, right?

Let’s get the business and formal stuff out of the way: I am a Journalism student at the University of North Florida and I’m just trying to get my feet with in the ol’ blogosphere and get some writing in when I’m able to pry myself from whatever MMO i am playing. I will be talking a lot about Warhammer Online (hell i almost even made it a WAR-centric blog) as it is the game i am currently most excited about (obssessing about). Waaagh!

Let’s get this straight. This will not be a live-journal, myspace blog, man-diary, disguised as a gaming and gaming industry blog! I am here to discuss all things gaming: the politics, the sales, the communities, and so-forth. Of course, as the name implies, my spceciality obviously lies in the Massively Multiplayer Online genre, and although this genre may ignite many of my rants and raves, it is not the only area of interest to me or this blog.

I’m a big time gaming-blog reader. I literally have 10+ gaming news and blogs that i will religiously check every time i open firefox. I really should get on that whole RSS feed train. Oh well. But my constant attention to gaming blogs is what helped motivate me to finally make my own. I find it encouraging to read simple blogs made by simple gamers like myself, and find that they actually have a nice following of active readers, so i hope to follow in the footsteps of many bloggers who have influenced me. That’s right, it’s shout-out time: Kotaku, wowinsider, massively, joystiq, the greenskin, and a fellow wordpress blog, Waaagh!. I thank those sites for giving me hours of good times and good reads.

So as i bring this icky first post to an end, let me say to the 3 people out there who will probably read this first post (including my girlfriend and mom) thank you and please check back for many more updates!

Disclaimer: I used the word “blog” way too much. I sowy.