My year so far (in games completed)

Since jumping into the MMORPG fray back in high school, I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with standard single-player campaign games. Without the infamous “carrot-on-stick” and character persistence that MMOs give the player, I found it hard ever make it past the prologue of most single-player games. This problem is multiplied when I know I have a good 15-30 hour en devour ahead of me, as I’ve experienced with pretty much every Bioware/Bethesda RPG that I’ve tried to play this generation.

Noticing my lack of follow-through completing these $50-$60 games I was investing in, in relation to my growing Steam library backlog, I decided that this year I would start keeping track of every game I “beat.” By beat, I mean completed the campaign and/or story, but not necessarily going after every achievement. Making a mid-year look back at this list of mine, I noticed a trend of shorter and more instant-gratification games being the ones I enjoyed the most.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on each game I’ve beaten (in rough chronological order) in 2011.

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