Magic The Gathering Soda


You are a Planeswalker with an arsenal of sorcery at your command…and a bottle of soda in your hand.

Jones Soda Co. and Magic The Gathering have teamed up to bring you limited edition customized Powerful Soda for Planeswalkers from the eagerly awaited M10 edition.

Magic The Gathering  picked some of their most iconic characters representing the Five Colors of Mana and Jones Soda supplied the labels on five great flavors. Add Purifying Fire, Elixir of Purity, Illusion Infusion, Necromancer’s Tonic, Beast Brew to your playing session.

These bottles are available for a limited time only and are unique among the Planes. Get yours before the Mana is gone.

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These beat the WoW-themed Mountain Dew in every aspect of awesomeness. Order them quick before they sell out again.