Darkfall has fallen on North America


I’m still befallen with a terrible cold/sinus infection, but I wanted to make a quick update before the NyQuil kicks in. I’ve been just lounging on the couch all day trying to feel better, missing all of the big Darkfall Online and Mortal Online happenings today. On that topic, I would go out on a limb and say it is definitely not a coincidence that they both had big “launches” of sorts today. I guess they are going after different audiences, with Darkfall‘s launch being a North American retail launch and Mortal Online‘s pre-order/beta being admittedly for the European audience, but it’s kind of ironic that two “hardcore pvp sandbox” MMORPGs have sales going live today in some fashion.

US server website and account management are now open.

Sales are also open. The download instructions for Darkfall’s US version can be found here:


Pricing information can be found here

See you all in game!

Thank you,
The Darkfall Team

I’m definitely tempted. I’ll give it more potential thought once my cold passes and I have a some free time to spare later this week. If you are looking for something different in your MMORPG menu, you should seriously consider giving Darkfall a chance. Just try to look past some of the rough edges and you may find the difference you are looking for.

As for Mortal Online, it’s pre-order store has opened with the “Special Edition” going for ~$100 (EUR 71.95) already sold out, and the normal boxed edition going for a whopping $~77 (EUR 54.95). These prices are outrageous to me and have saved me from myself essentially, as I’m not willing to pay that much on, in what my opinion, is such a risky investment and purchase.  If you live in the US and are willing to dish out ~$77, there appears to still be some available from the initial lot of them. Have at it.

Reminder: Mortal Online Pre-Orders

Just wanted to remind anyone interested that the Mortal Online pre-orders will go live tomorrow (Monday) at 20:00 GMT+1, which is 3:00 P.M. Eastern or 12:00 P.M. Pacific. I’ll probably hold out to hear more about when the beta is starting before making the decision to pre-order or not, but I thought I would do the time conversions for those who don’t live in Europe.

Darkfall, Mortal Online, and a cold


I woke up to the discovery that Darkfall has finally moved into the 21st century with a legit looking website and news that the North American launch is schedule for July 13th. I normally wouldn’t give this any coverage because I was utterly disappointed with the European launch of DF, but the first “free expansion” is coinciding with the North American launch and it looks like it is a pretty expansive update.

In the same sub-genre of “sandbox, classless, hardcore” MMORPGs, Mortal Online pre-orders are finally going to be begin this week.

The Mortal Online shop will open on Monday 13th of July 20:00 GMT+1

We have separated the initial shop page from the Mortal Online main site for better performance. On Monday you can go directly to the shop on www.account.mortalonline.com should the main site be slow or unresponsive. Save the link and keep it in handy.

On Monday before the shop opens we will post more information about the first beta phase as well as the current system requirements for Mortal Online.

Hope to see you on Monday!

If Darkfall‘s sales and shop traffic around pre-order and launch are a gauge of the internet’s interest in this niche of MMORPG, then expect Monday’s pre-order allocation to sell out easily within an hour and the site to hammered with traffic, causing page time-outs and frustration. I probably won’t be able to be there amongst the others F5’ing, but I do want to get in on the Mortal Online beta at some point, and pre-ordering looks like the only guaranteed way to reserve a spot so far.

And as the post title implies, I’ve been sick all week with some sort of cold/fever deal. I’ve actually been so achy, sore, and stuffy-headed that I haven’t felt like playing anything besides when I can lean back in my chair with a blanket over me, pop a cough drop, take some NyQuil, and play some World of Warcraft until the drowsiness starts kicking in and summons me to sleep.

Mortal Online Swedish TV feature

be sure to turn on closed-captions

Pretty interesting stuff. Even some alpha footage in there when they’re in the StarVault offices. The analysis and discussion sparked from the dead tree and mushrooms they came across in the woods during the interview makes me really excited to see what type of creative stuff they have in store for the lore and world. +1 to my confidence in StarVault making an amazing game.

I would kill for Mats’ hairstyle by the way. I had the same doo on my character in Star Wars Galaxies!

In Development: Mortal Online

mortalonlineheaderMortal Online.

Was introduced to this game recently, amongst all the Darkfall “zomg hardcore pvp / full loot” hype. I’m pretty impressed from the screens, videos, and FAQ. It’s another skill-based, free-for-all, sandbox, hardcore, pvp game. Give it a look and see what you think.

I’ve bookmarked it and I’ll be keeping track of it.