Sugar Free Rockstar

I wasn’t really in the mood to down a new, mysterious, energy drink tonight, but I had set out to do it earlier and I wasn’t going to flake on my blog-promises.

I cracked open this bad-boy around 2 A.M. and began my usual sipping and tasting routine. Before I even opened it up, I was impressed by the ingredients and stats the drink was bringing to the table. It’s coming in with taurine, ginseng, and all other sorts of artificial sounding stuff and questionable herb extract.

Upon tasting, I was instantly impressed. It’s as if a low-carb Monster got it on with a Red Bull and they had some demented monster bull baby. In other words, I loved it. It had the fruity taste of a Monster but still had the taurine-punch taste of a Red Bull, while somehow still evading the melted-candy-like after taste that Monsters usually cause to linger on your taste buds.

Was it packing heat though? I was already beyond the point of being saved from my exhaustion, but I could definitely feel the caffeine and taurine fighting inside my muscles. It helped boost me through another two and a half hours of Lineage 2 at least, so it did its job. I’d rate its power on par with a Red Bull or Monster.

Verdict: A

Chalk this baby up in my top 3 of energy drinks. With low-carb Monster kicking it in 3rd place, and Red Bull riding high in my top spot, Sugar Free Rockstar nestles it’s way into my bloodstream right between them. A fitting spot for a drink that combines the best of both drinks. Will buy again.

Up All Night: SoBe Adrenaline Rush

Staying up way too late is nothing new for me, but lately I’ve become addicted to staying up late AND energy drinks, a deadly combo. I’m not sure what it is about them. Whether it’s the unique tastes or the buzz-like feeling they give you, I’ve been picking one up every other night it seems. So, in lieu of my heroes over at Giant Bomb who taste-test an energy drink or beverage on pretty much every Bombcast, I’ll be giving reviews of every energy drink I get my hands on in a new feature, Up All Night. I plan to eventually turn this into a short audio clip or video review with live-action taste-testing, but my written word will have to do for now. I sacrifice my blood pressure and digest tons of random ingredients just for you, my readers!

The drink on tonight’s menu was SoBe Adrenaline Rush Sugar Free.

It is said to contain L-Carnitine and D-Ribose, so right from the start I’m digesting some ingredients I am completely uninformed about. Great. Active ingredients aside, my first impression of it was that it had a unique, distinct, taste. It has a hint of pineapple juice, with a texture more like juice rather than the sparkling carbonation of a Red Bull or Full Throttle.

In my usual fashion, I casually drank it in my snifter glass over ice, as to let the energy ease in. I usually go into any energy drink that isn’t Red Bull with pessimism that I will actually get an energy-boost, but I was pretty impressed with SoBe Adrenaline Rush. It wasn’t quite as intense of a buzz as a tall Red Bull will give me, but I could still feel something.

Verdict: C+

It’s got the energy punch, but it lacks a taste that would make me want to buy one again. It’s not a horrible taste, just not my thing. I prefer my energy drinks to have that snappy taste to them that just shocks your taste buds as soon as it makes contact.

Next on the backlog to be reviewed was last night’s failure of a drink, Amp Energy: Overdrive.