Next gen Korean-MMORPGs ftw (part deux)

What is with this, I’ve discovered another next-gen Korean MMORPG tonight that completely blows my mind. Blade & Soul.

I really have no clue about the details other than its another NCsoft Korean MMORPG and that it looks just as amazing as Tera. I’ll let the trailer speak louder to you than I ever could.

(click through it to youtube, and watch the HD version I beg you)

Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea for the HD version of the trailer and game’s homepage, albeit in korean

The most breath-taking, amazing, and technologically insane looking MMORPG I’ve ever seen.

I literally just found out about this game so my information pretty empty, but I read that it’s being developed by past Lineage 2 lead developers. No idea what it will play like or if it will ever see a North American launch, but it’s eye candy nonetheless. It’s like Aion on crack, which is funny because Aion is built on what most see as a more graphically intense engine (Crytek engine) while Tera is being built on Unreal 3. Speaking of the Unreal 3 engine, this has probably the most unique art design of any game using the engine, even tops the more recent Square-Enix console flops that used Unreal 3. And holy #*%@ at the red panda looking race. MUST. PLAY.

Lineage 2 has shown me the light of Korean-style MMORPGs again, and it makes me happy being able to look forward to things like Aion, and now this Tera game. At the same time, it makes me sad that Korean MMORPGs seem like they will never catch on in America, so my passion for them will always leave me in a niche, often misunderstood, MMO scene.
So, go to the site and watch the trailer. Be sure to have tissues in reach to wipe your drool off your mouth.