Vanguard for $3

buyvg is having a clearance sale on a ton of older, not-selling-so-well, PC games. The list of games is mostly meh but one shining gem in the list is Vanguard for $3. With shipping it comes to about $6, which is still a steal. If you don’t have Vanguard yet, GO BUY IT.

At the same time, I feel bad for Vanguard after seeing the bunch it is with in the clearance bin. Horizons: Empire of Istaria which isn’t even called Horizons anymore. Archlord, which is a free2play game now and free download, but hey go pay $4 for it. And of course, non-MMO related, but a franchise that is dear to me, Tribes Vengeance, which doesn’t even have servers up anymore.

What I’ve been playing (not enough of)

Ah, the week of Christmas – hectic times for a procrastinator like myself. Being busy finishing my last minute shopping and working 5 of the last 6 days, has left my MMO time pretty slim the last week. Here is what a few hours in a week has given me:

– I’ve attempted to log into my EQ2 trial when I get the chance, but besides the voice-over NPCs, it’s not grabbing me much.

Dungeons & Dragons Online lasted about 20 minutes before I remembered why I quit the trial the first time I tried it. If I want a DnD rpg, I’ll go play Neverwinter Nights. Too bad I don’t want one.

– SOE has once again reactivated old Vanguard inactivate accounts, which includes me. Haven’t had time to log in and check it out, I will hopefully before the free time comes to an end.

– Downloading Planetside Trial, curious to see if I can actually get it to work on Vista64. Any excuse to hear the epic Planetside soundtrack and bask in the nostalgia is fine to me.

Guild Wars. Finally got my Trilogy + Eye of The North pack from amazon. Knowing that I have LOTRO waiting for me later this week, I’m having a hard time diving into it, but you can’t beat $40 shipped for every Guild Wars retail release and a beautiful 13″x9″ art piece. The Guild Wars campaigns will probably go on my backlog or for when I need downtime from a real MMORPG (zing?).
What have you been playing?

Trials & Tribulations: Everquest 2 & Vanguard

Being the holiday break and on the wings of my recent MMORPG epiphany, I’ve been on a stint of catching up on MMOs I’ve skipped over via free trials, or retail purchases such as a complete Guild Wars package or Santa bringing me Mines of Moria (expect impressions for those in the future). My current, pre-Christmas week appetizers? Everquest 2, with Vanguard trial downloading as we speak.

I’ll be updating the blog with updates on my experiences in the respective games, rather good or bad, concluding with an overall take on my experiences and whether or not they left a lasting impression on me.

Update: As if 2 massive game trials weren’t enough, a recent fantastic podcast from one of the damn finest podcasters, Beau Turkey, reminded me about the Dungeons & Dragons Online trial – so I have that downloading as well. Will report back on all 3 of them – though it may be a while!