Altoholics Anonymous and WoW Relapse

This picture pretty much sums up both how I feel about World of Warcraft now (after about five years of playing on and off) and also how I spend my time playing it. It’s actually less “playing,” and more just trying to get back into it. I still feel like the “good old days” of WoW for me were when I was raiding stuff like Molten Core and Zul’Gurub on my Druid in “vanilla” WoW. In The Burning Crusade era, I eventually had a 70 Shaman who I did some minor raiding with (Karazhan), but I was bored of him after only a month or so of end-game. Since then, I just haven’t had that fire for WoW as I once did before. I’ll reactivate every couple months, but never get a character into end-game and never really feel that spark I once felt. The result is the character select screen pictured above, and that’s only one server. I have a handful of other mid-level alts on other servers as well.

Is it that I’ve overplayed the “old world” content too much? Is it just WoW burnout that’s inevitable after 5 years? I’m not really sure. My latest endeavor has been my Night Elf Druid that I took from level 1-43 in a matter of two days, but he’s really just been a last-ditch effort and a somewhat entertaining time-sink for me.

The MMO-fiend inside me loves following the WoW news and keeping up-to-date on all the happenings in the community and end-game, but it seems like I enjoy these accessory things more than the actual game at this point. So, WoW, I fear I will not be reactivating you when my subscription runs out later this month. It’s been fun, and I’m sure you’ll lure me back in a few months time, but for now it’s au revoir.

Weekend Confirmed: Friday LAN

My brah Zack is bringing his PC and Rock Band 2 drums over and we’re basically going to nerd it up, living off energy drinks and subway. Some Rock Band and Guitar Hero is bound to go down, as well as the usual Warcraft 3 and/or Starcraft LAN matches. As for MMOs, we’re going to both test the waters some more in Age of Conan, maybe install Guild Wars, and I’ll continue to try and resist reactivating Warhammer Online again, but the Public Test Server is calling me to come test thet Slayer and Choppa.

So, updates may be few and far between today and tomorrow – just a heads up. Have a great weekend!

LAN backfire!

My LAN that was an attempt to show my buddy who great LOTRO can be turned into me reactivating and frantically installing World of Warcraft again!

We did a few rounds of Warcraft III, he tried coaching me in some Starcraft 2, and then I got him to use one of my Mines of Moria trial keys, which lasted about 1-2 hours before he was uninterested. He’s an interesting gamer to dissect. He’s almost the opposite of me, when it comes to MMORPGs, but we can both understand where each other is coming from. As Bartle would put it, he’s an achiever and I’m an explorer, and thus LOTRO just isn’t his cup of tea, I suppose. I honestly just think he doesn’t give new MMOs enough time to hook him, as convoluted of a concept as that is for hobby such as gaming, where instant gratification is supposedly king. It’s easy to believe that a game should grab you instantly, but it’s just not true for such games as MMOs with enormous learning curves and a smorgasbord worth of gameplay.

So game analytics aside, I am now wet-footed in WoW again, leveling a brand new Horde character with my friend, when I was just beginning to fall in love with LOTRO. EVE didn’t even stand a chance.