Donations Information

As you may have noticed, I’ve added a paypal Donate button to my page. Don’t be alarmed, however. I’m not expecting donations and I’m not waiting for my rent to be paid by readers! It is simply just an addition to my page that doesn’t hurt anyone to add, and is completely optional and you can even ignore it.

However, in regards to any donations made, I will be 100% transparent with the donations and what they are going towards, and when. Unfortunately, game developers and publishers aren’t waiting in line to give ol’ Culture those hot exclusives and coverage yet,  so I’m left covering the bill for my subscriptions, games, hosting, and retail boxes. In light of that, all donations will be for the production and advancement of this blog and all related channels (YouTube, Twitch, etc), with the majority going towards MMO monthly fee subscriptions, new games to research, review, and play, and other managerial efforts to add new features and make Culture Arson Dot Games the best gaming blog it can be.

A big thank you the handful of regular readers I have. I continue to optimistically do what I do here, because of people like you.

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