Monday LAN

LAN, a word that would no doubt come up if one was to reach into a box of my adolescence and pull 3 things out.

My fellow gamer, friend, and only MMO enthusiast I know anymore is lugging his computer over today for what will be, for us, an unusual RTS based LAN adventure. But rest easy, I will no doubt be secretly trying to sell him on LOTRO or EVE.

Speaking of LOTRO, amazing. I was rather skeptical at first, as seen by my initial impressions post, but it’s sucking me in. I’m amazed at how fun it is just following quests around that string you through the beautiful Shire. The environments are so gorgeous, I always find myself wanting to go explore some swampy marsh I may see off in the distance (amazing view distance) or just stop and enjoy the scenery and breathtaking water visuals with a few minutes of fishing off a cobble bridge. My screenshot folder weeps from how much traffic it’s getting. I’m impressed, and have yet wanted to open up EVE since installing it because of LOTRO.

PS – I’m horrible at RTS games, this will be interesting.

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