Darkfall Update: No Pre-Orders tonight, but client download is up (sort of)

Beta testers SHOULD NOT download or install this if they have a current beta installation or they won’t be able to access the beta. Their beta client will get upgraded via patch on launch day.

For everyone else (other than the beta testers) that plans to buy the game you should download the Torrent here:


For those who don’t know what to do with a torrent file here are some instructions:

Step1: Get a BitTorrent client. For example μTorrent http://www.utorrent.com/
Step2: After installing the BitTorrent client, click the torrent link I post below to download the torrent file.
Step3: Double-click on the torrent file to open it in your BitTorrent client program.

The size of the download is around 9GB.

As for the issue we’re having with the account management connectivity, it’s still pending but should be fixed soon. We’ll keep you posted on any developments, although we won’t turn pre-orders on tonight, seeing that it’s getting late in Europe.

At least now I know I can stop my auto-refresh Firefox plugin on the Darkfall news page. They’re waiting till tomorrow for pre-orders, since most Europeans are sleeping right now. Makes sense, seeing as it’s officially known as a European release.

As for the torrent: WTB SEEDS!

Hopefully better luck tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Darkfall Update: No Pre-Orders tonight, but client download is up (sort of)

  1. I’ve resorted to the beta client torrent, which can be just patched up to the retail one, only because it is going wayyyyy faster. I’m at like 80% on the beta client and only 7% on the “official” one.

    I’ll let both keep going until the 25th, so I at least have something to install.

    Now it’s back to waiting for that pre-order link today 🙂


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