Punkbuster, Capitol Cities, and Career Cuts

Part Two of the MMORPG.com interview is up and it’s a doozy.

In a nutshell, they have teamed up with punkbuster to help crack down on cheaters/hackers, they have made the decision to cut the capitol cities down to two instead of six, and have also cut out four classes (two from each realm)

I am all for the punkbuster inclusion. It can’t hurt and it shows they are serious about keeping RvR a leveled battlefield with no hackers or dupers. As for the big time game cuts, I’m not so happy, BUT I’m not going to go burn down buildings in an nerdy rage. Let’s face it, we have all thought to ourselves “why haven’t wee seen any information on x or on y.” This is the answer to that question; they weren’t finished.

Mythic obviously is set on making their ‘fall 2008’ release, and this is just an example of one of the sacrifices that had to be made in order to do so.

As for the career cuts, well, I for one let out a giant ‘meh.’ None of the cut classes never sparked my interest. Probably due to the lack of information or Mythic hype around them. Simple signs that they were not finished and/or broken.

I can already hear nerds around the world furiously tapping away rants and whines on their keyboard to countless fansites and forums in response to these announcements, and I’m not sure if i should laugh or get angry. Am I the only one who saw this coming? If you have followed any MMORPG from conception to retail, you know cuts are made and the “original idea” is mutated into what ships at retail. If these are the only cuts Mythic plans to make, in regards to their original idea and hype, then I’ll be damn impressed.

So Mythic, I’m on your side. I applaud you for doing the honorable thing and addressing the player-base upfront about these changes, instead of disguising them till the game had gone gold. Polish up what you now have planned for retail, get those guild beta invites out (*wave*, yeah hey, over here), and announce a release date!

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