Final Fantasy XI Trial is go: 1/23/09


My buddy and I are nerdin’ it up this Friday again with a LAN, where in which I had this idea that we should both hop into an MMORPG we either haven’t played or haven’t played in years. Final Fantasy XI. We were going to drop the $20 for the full Vana’diel Collection 2008, but we may just opt for the 14-day free trial instead. Less collateral if we end up disappointed.

I have a strange history with FFXI. I had picked it up in my high school days, in particular on a day when I was home sick, which in hindsight probably left a scarring negative haze over my experience and perception of FFXI. I just have vague memories of my Hume Warrior as I stumbled through menus and sub-menus to engage in combat and set up macros, before dying a few times and being dropped back to level 9 or so. I shut it down and cancelled.

Part of me hopes it lives up to my dreaded and cloudy memories of blurry textures, clunky combat, and archaic user-interface, because I’m still having a blast in Warhammer on my Bright Wiz. But who’s to say I can’t play both.

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