Vanguard for $3

buyvg is having a clearance sale on a ton of older, not-selling-so-well, PC games. The list of games is mostly meh but one shining gem in the list is Vanguard for $3. With shipping it comes to about $6, which is still a steal. If you don’t have Vanguard yet, GO BUY IT.

At the same time, I feel bad for Vanguard after seeing the bunch it is with in the clearance bin. Horizons: Empire of Istaria which isn’t even called Horizons anymore. Archlord, which is a free2play game now and free download, but hey go pay $4 for it. And of course, non-MMO related, but a franchise that is dear to me, Tribes Vengeance, which doesn’t even have servers up anymore.

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