Age of Conan: What’s with the horrible community?

I’m not sure if it is just the Tryanny (PVP) server that I’ve chosen to make my character on (due to being the most populated, was my first choice) or if AoC really does bring the worst MMO community with its mature rating. The Tyranny global chat makes Barrens chat look like pre-school. Despite WoW having an overall kiddie community, the chat usually stays somewhat clean and although it is derailed a lot, it at least never distracted me enough from the game to the point that it totally pulls me out of the immersion. Sure I could just leave the chat channel or close the chat box, but the damage has been done!

I didn’t take any screens specifically of the immaturity I was witnessing, but browsing through the screens I did take, wouldn’t you know there is some examples of the type of trash I had to read.

Besides what appears to just be a server with a majority of rotten apples, I’ve been enjoying my AoC time the last two nights. I’ll probably give the RP-PVP server Cimmeria a try tomorrow at the LAN with my buddy Zack, as people say it’s the second most populated anyways, and was the “first to have a lvl 5 pvp,” which means god knows what, but it sounds like serious business.

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