’s Final Fantasy Retrospective


I’ve been pretty addicted to watching at least an episode or two a day of Gametrailer’s Final Fantasy Retrospective. Each episode goes into a pretty detailed depth and analysis of each Final Fantasy entry in the series, in chronological order. If you have time, give them all a watch.

I’ve never really sunk my teeth into the Final Fantasy series. I’m not sure whether it’s the slow methodical pace of Japanese RPGs or if it’s just because they have all hit times in my life when I’m enthralled with something else going on, some other game absorbing all my attention. Watching the retrospective has definitely sparked an internal interest in me that I think I’ve had inside me all a long that I’ve just never appeased. I have an urge to pick up a Nintendo DS the next time I see a deal, along with all the Final Fantasy redux’s they have put out on it. However, my interest only reaches out to the classic style Final Fantasy games. I really have no interest in the neo-future setting and art design of VII, VIII, and X. Despite XII’s still futuristic setting, I found the political intrigue, what I considered a homage to Star Wars, rather interesting and that’s the last console Final Fantasy I actually played.
Which Final Fantasy game is your favorite?

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